Women's Healing and Holistic Wellness Mentoring


women’s healing and holistic wellness mentoring



  • one on one support calls

  • in person support for those who live in los angeles

  • in person and virtual reiki healing

  • intuitive guidance

  • tuning in to your authenticity, increasing self worth, self acceptance and self love

  • Holistic self care practices

  • deep dive into clean beauty and body products and why it’s so important to make the switch

  • setting intentions for your ideal lifestyle, looking at current habits and practices and where changes need to be made

  • conscious living, conscious fashion, conscious eating, etc.

  • understanding your body, tapping into your intuition and approaching your health and wellness from a more empowered place

  • how to find healers, women’s health practitioners, doulas, support circles, etc in your area and decide which is best for you

  • help finding supportive medical professionals in your community

  • deep dive into postpartum and post-abortion healing wisdom, including nutrition, recipes, holistic approaches to healing, vaginal steaming, etc

  • guidance in seeking abortion support services or post-abortion care

  • setting health boundaries with people in your life in order to more fully support your healing process

  • any and all questions, concerns or topics you want to address



  • a la carte support call | 30/60 minutes

  • in person support session | 30/60 minutes

  • reiki

  • 3 months of ongoing mentoring

    • intake phone session- 1.5 hours

    • pdf guide to holistic healing, wellness and lifestyle

    • personalized intention setting mood board

    • once a week 30 minute support calls

    • email support during the 3 month period

    • twice per month virtual or in person 30 min reiki sessions