Thank You For My Abortion Project



There are approximately 800 abortion providers in the United States currently and I'm going to send a thank you card to each of them. 


This project is about gratitude. 

1 in 4 people with wombs in the United States will have an abortion in their lifetime. And they are afforded the life that follows because they had access to that option. 

Those of us who have terminated a pregnancy have our current lives because of that choice. Some of us are alive because of our abortions. Some of us have children. Some of us are CEOs. Some of us make art. Some of us are business owners. Some of us are writers. Some of us don’t think about our abortions at all and some think of them every day. Some abortions are heartbreaking and some are pure relief. Some were huge decisions and some were given barely any thought. The thing they all have in common is that they are part of our stories- we were fortunate enough to have access and choice when we needed it most. And had the circumstances been different, our current lives would not exist. 

We're living in strange times right now- there are daily headlines about the war on our reproductive rights. There is so much anger, fear and confusion surrounding all of the current/new abortion legislation and proposals, and understandably so. As an abortion doula and someone who has had an abortion, this issue is incredibly near and dear to my heart. I've been wanting to do something to contribute to the conversation in a positive way and that's how the idea for the "Thank You For My Abortion Project" was born. I can only imagine how much hate mail goes to abortion providers on a daily basis. I want to send them some thank you cards, and I need your help. Let's send love and gratitude to the brave and compassionate humans who choose to support people with uteruses on a daily basis, at times risking their lives to do so. Let's contribute some love and gratitude to the conversation. Abortion needs love. These experiences, these clinics, these providers need love and gratitude. Let’s send gratitude to a subject, a space, a population, an idea, a medical procedure that doesn’t typically get much love. Let's show them that they're not alone in the fight for reproductive justice and access for all. This is a way to say thank you on behalf of everyone who has ever and will ever have an abortion and the lives they were/are able to create because they had/have that choice.



visit the kickstarter page to learn more and help fund this project.

Your support will go towards the design, creative direction, production, printing, shipping, and material cost of this project. Once we have raised the money and printed all the cards, I will be organizing a postcard writing party and everyone is invited! We will write messages on the cards, address and stamp them and send them out into the world. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in this as much as I do!