Sample Menus


Menu 1

Snack: bone broth with an egg blended into it (might sound strange, but this protein and mineral-packed drink is creamy and incredibly delicious)

meal 1: Salmon, vegetable and brown rice bowl

meal 2: Buckwheat soba noodles with greens and roasted squash in ginger-scallion broth

Tea infusion: nettle and raspberry leaf

Menu 2

Snack: pureed green soup

meal 1:  quinoa with sauteed mushrooms and lightly wilted greens

meal 2: sweet potato cakes with roasted vegetables, wilted greens and a cashew tahini sauce

meal 3: carrot ginger soup

sweet: spiced pear brown butter muffins 


Menu 3

Snack: avocado toast with pumpkin seeds (on homemade seed bread)

meal 1: hearty mushroom soup

meal 2: oven roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables

meal 3: sweet potato slices with sauteed greens, avocado and 2 eggs

Sweet: Avocado chocolate pudding

Menu 4

Snack: baked purple sweet potato slices with hummus 

meal 1: oats, chia and blueberry overnight porridge

meal 2: grain free chicken tenders with sauteed greens and roasted squash

golden milk