Reiki for pregnancy loss

Reiki translates to true self… the great bright white light that resides in all of us. it is an incredibly effective healing tool that harnesses the energy of all the love and bright white light that exists in the universe. the practitioner of reiki is simply a channel, a bridge between earth and the creative force of the universe.

i offer reiki as a gentle, yet incredibly effective way to help heal women who have experienced a pregnancy loss of any kind- including miscarriage, termination, unsuccessful ivf/iui, stillbirth and any other fertility related challenges or losses.

options for reiki healing sessions include: private house calls, distance healing (both within the us and international), reiki healing circles and reiki healing sessions at plumb line pilates studio in santa monica, ca.

(please note that reiki can be offered without the practitioner touching the receiver so if you are sensitive to being touched, this is a great healing option for you. Additionally, reiki is appropriate for any woman who has experienced a pregnancy loss at any time in her life; it is not limited to those who may have had a recent loss.)

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