Radiant Postpartum Workshop



Preparing for a holistic postpartum experience 

with Stephanie Matthias 

October 20, 11am-3pm
Plumb Line Studio
1913 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica CA
*workshop includes lunch, snacks, custom recipe booklet, notebook and gift bag


This workshop will be divided into three sections: Caring For The Body, Caring For The Mind and Caring For The Spirit. We will dive deep and explore topics, questions and concerns that have come up time again in my work as a postpartum doula.

We will cover a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to- nutrition, recipes, self care, sitz bath and vaginal steaming how-to, breast and nipple care, mental health, identity shifts, building your village, boundaries with visitors, ritual and ceremony, deep rest, honoring the full spectrum of your experience and the idea of the fourth trimester.

My hope is that you leave this workshop feeling confident and well equipped with the information you need to confidently advocate for your needs postpartum. I invite you to share what you learn in this class with the people who will be spending the most time with you in those early weeks after birth- share the philosophies, share the recipes, share the thoughts and concerns that come up- lean on your village. For instance, when your best friend creates a meal train or a family member comes over to cook, you will easily be able to give them direction on what foods are most supportive for your recovery.


In this class I will provide information and tools for pregnant people and their families about how to best prepare for the postpartum phase. I will serve as an open-hearted guide who answers questions and provides information from a gentle, non-judgmental, holistic perspective. My goal as an educator and postpartum doula is to offer just the right amount of knowledge and support to empower mothers to embark on their journey from a confident, informed space.

I invite you to embrace the idea that with the right support and nourishment, you can emerge from the first few weeks of new parenthood strong, healthy and radiant.