Radiant Eating Intuitive Guidance


Radiant eating

“Start living as if you are already free… Do something, anything, that brings you joy and makes you feel as if you belong here.” 

Geneen Roth


Radiant Eating is intuitive guidance to bring women more joy in their bodies and their lives. 

When was the last time you felt joy? When was the last time you allowed yourself to experience joy in connection with your body or a meal? For most women, the experience of joy doesn’t happen often enough- especially when it comes to the body and food.

I’d like to help you shift that Because Food can, and should, be joyous.

Radiant Eating focuses on shifting your emotional environment around food. It’s the joy of putting something completely delicious in your mouth. It’s getting to know your individual body and wHich foods fill you with nourishment and energy. It’s also about knowing which foods drag you down. But don’t panic. This isn’t about deprivation. I’m 10% interested in the food you’re putting into your mouth and 90% interested in your ideas, thought patterns, programing, beliefs and emotions about the food you’re putting in your mouth. I don’t believe in dieting- we all know by now that Diets don’t work and aren’t going to make you happy (and what’s the point of this whole journey we call life if we can’t at the very least be happy). I believe in intuition, self-knowledge, bodily integrity, satisfaction, doing the work, joy, love, digging deep, making friends with our bodies and truly living. Let’s focus on the privilege of being a human with a body. You are alive and you can taste things! Let’s figure out a way to make the eating experience one that is centered around joy, pleasure, nourishment, and community.

Remember that you are your own inner authority. No one can make you feel less than or too big or too loud or not enough unless you give them permission. Let’s work together to reclaim your beliefs and ideas about your body, your relationship to food, and your joy.

You have the right to feel radiant. 

During these intuitive guidance sessions, we can:

  • Examine your current relationship with food and your body. 

  • Examine your history with eating and food: Family messaging. habit and programming. Social messaging and programming. Habits. Beliefs. Emotional and word associations with food. 

  • Go over changes you want to make- what are your goals and intentions?

  • Talk about your current relationship with your body. How do you feel in your body today? This week? This month? This year? What messages is your body sending you? Are you listening or ignoring them?

  • Look at how your current relationship with food serves you. How your current eating habits serve you. 

  • Look at the messaging you’ve accepted around your body and food.

  • go over recipes and cookbook recommendations, food plans and what’s in your fridge/pantry

  • Talk about eating to support your menstrual cycle: go over ideal foods and recipes for each phase of your cycle.

  • Look at how your emotions influence your metabolism, Especially during and immediately after eating. 

  • Unpack the messages you have received about what it means to exist in a female body. What messages have you received about your body specifically? What have you bought into? What have you decided- consciously or unconsciously- is true about your body? How do you feel about the fact that your body takes up space in the world?

  • Work on training yourself to return to the present moment- gently, over and over again, as many times as it takes, with compassion. Come back into your body. 

  • Examine ways that you’ve given away your power.

  • If it resonates with you, we can do a tarot reading and/or reiki to gain deeper insight and healing. 



Intuitive Guidance Session Pricing:

  • in person, $300/ 2hr

  • virtual session, $150/ 1 hr

  • option of meal prep at $150/ hr (not including price of ingredients)