Press and Praise


Feedback from clients...

Stephanie helped me through breastfeeding issues, filled my body with all sorts of goodness, and shared her baby wisdom as she is a mother of two herself. I felt VERY fortunate to be able to work with her and genuinely believe her food and advice helped put me back together, aided in my milk supply and brought a general sense of calm to my life.
— Geri Hirsch
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Thank you for supporting my daughter and me, and for encouraging me to embrace all that life has to offer- the ups and the downs. You are such a gift!
— Carol
I am so grateful for you: your magic, your expertise and guidance and advice and support, your incredibly imaginative and loving care of (our baby) and your beautiful inspiring friendship.
— J.S.
I am so appreciative of what Stephanie did for my husband and I. When we came home from the hospital with our baby girl, we were in complete shambles. We didn’t have a clue where to begin on becoming parents and living in our home with a newborn. She helped organize us at home, and helped walk us through how to take care of this child and ourselves. Her patience, her kindness, her gentle heart, and her non judgmental approach made our transition so much easier.
— Jennifer