Reiki translates to true self… the great bright white light that resides in all of us. it is an incredibly effective healing tool that harnesses the energy of all the love and bright white light that exists in the universe. the practitioner of reiki is simply a channel, a bridge between earth and the creative force of the universe. 

Through the laying of hands* on the body, I am able to locate the areas of stored trauma, pain, grief, fear, stress and help to move it through and out of the body in the very gentle and respectful way. Additionally, reiki can be practiced from a distance, as energy is not limited to time and place. distance reiki involves scheduling a time when you can be home in a quiet place to receive the healing.

*please note that in person reiki can be offered without the practitioner touching the receiver so if you are sensitive to being touched, this is a great healing option for you.

reiki session options:

in home, starting at $200

At plumb line studio in santa monica, starting at $75

distance healing starting at $60

please email me or visit my contact page with questions or to book a session.

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