Loss support can include:

  • meals customized to your healing process

  • reiki energy healing

  • emotional support

  • normalizing the loss experience (going over typical physiological experiences or what to expect before a procedure, etc)

  • accompanying you to a procedure or care provider appointment

  • phone and email support before, during and after a loss

  • vaginal steaming and ritual bath when your body is ready

  • Loss release/ closing of the bones ceremony

  • provide professional referrals as needed

i offer both in-person and virtual support (phone or facetime).

loss doula support is appropriate for any woman who has experienced a pregnancy loss at any time in her life; it is not limited to those who may have had a recent loss.

please reach out with any questions. i would love to talk with you on the phone or over a cup of tea to help you decide what kind of support you would benefit from most.