The Vitamin Drink


Anytime one of my girls is feeling under the weather (or about to be), I mix up this magical concoction and it works like a charm. On the rare occasion that someone does end up getting sick, this clears it up in a couple of days at the most. The girls call it "the vitamin drink." And I'll warn you- it's not the most tasty- but they tolerate it pretty well.

Ingredients and which brands I like:

1/2 c Coconut Water (Harmless Harvest) *

1 tablespoon Multivitamin Liquid (Child Life) *

1 tablespoon Elderberry Syrup (Gaia) *

1 dropper full Echinacea (Child Life)

1 tsp liquid Vitamin C (Child Life)

1 dropper Vitamin d (Child Life)

1 tablespoon First Defense (Child Life)

1 dropper Kick-It Immune (Wish Garden)


Put all the ingredients into the coconut water. Stir and enjoy promptly with a straw.

*These ingredients need to be stored in the fridge.

IMPORTANT: This is not suitable for children who are younger than a year old. Elderberry syrup typically contains honey which is not safe until your child reaches the age of one.

Stephanie MatthiasComment