who can benefit from a loss support session?

loss support is for anyone who has experienced any kind of pregnancy loss- whether it was 10 years ago or you have a procedure scheduled for next tuesday. these experiences and the emotions associated with them can be stored in the body, mind and heart… so even if this is something you went through two decades ago, it can still be showing up in your life today because the subconscious mind has no concept of time and space. together, we will work to release these stored energies with love so you can move more freely through your life.

Similarly, if your loss experience is more recent or currently happening, we can work gently with the energy and emotions of the experience, as well as nourish you with the proper foods to support the physiological aspect of your healing. this helps to ensure that you can move forward from this experience as holistically as possible.

what does loss support look like?

Experiences of pregnancy loss are as varied as the women having them, so there really isn’t a typical session. A loss support session is completely customized to what the client is going through. Sessions can include customized meals, reiki energy healing. emotional counseling, normalizing the physiological aspects of the experience, phone and email support before, during and after a loss, accompaniment to a procedure or other health care provider appointment, ritual bath, loss release ceremony, etc.

I’ve counseled women who are deciding whether to continue with a pregnancy, and in that case our sessions focused on emotional support, as well as presenting her with more information so that she could make an educated decision. I’ve supported women who have recently suffered a loss. Those sessions are more focused on emotional support and recovery, which can include meals tailored to recovery, Reiki, listening, talking, and reflecting. I’ve supported women virtually who are in the center of their loss experience; for example, a woman who is choosing to allow her miscarriage to progress naturally at home and is looking for help navigating and normalizing the physiological aspects of the experience. This can be really helpful for a woman who wants support, but may not have access to a loss doula in person. Or she may prefer to be alone with her family but still have access to support.

I also have clients who have had loss experiences in the past and feel as though they never fully healed, from an emotional and energetic standpoint. Sometimes they are still working through feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, longing, regret, anger, relief, resentment, depression, etc. The feelings are often extremely complex and layered. Other clients have been at a place in their lives where they wanted to become pregnant and felt like a past loss was still hanging around them. In this case, I would suggest some Reiki sessions to help clear blocked energy in the body.