About Me


my story

I am a mother, a truth teller, a healer, an artist, a holistic chef, a women’s health and wellness guide, a space holder, a meditator, a creator, a writer, an advocate and a woman.

My own reproductive experiences, from unexpected pregnancy to abortion to having two children, have all led me to and through this vital work. And it’s from that space- the magical, deeply human, darkest before the dawn space that we bleed and create and birth from- that I show up for my clients. I sit with women in the transition space, when they’re finding their way to the other side of whatever they’re experiencing, and I look in their eyes and they see that I’ve been there, too. These are journeys we’re meant to take together, as women. Providing doula support across Los Angeles for the past seven years has given me unique insights into the needs of women. My background in holistic nutrition, women’s health, and intuitive reiki healing provides me with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and magic to draw from when supporting my clients. I’m deeply passionate about this work and helping women heal thoroughly and gracefully so that they can be their most radiant selves.


When I was 17, I terminated an unplanned pregnancy. I didn’t tell my parents. The day after I got my drivers license, I borrowed my mom’s car and my best friend and I drove to my abortion appointment. The State of California paid for the whole thing. I don’t remember much of the procedure, except that everyone was kind. A few days later I got on a plane to Paris to study there for the summer and I didn’t talk about my abortion again until a few years ago. I thought I wasn’t allowed to talk about it. I didn’t realize it was actually my story to tell. Now I realize that not only is it my story to tell, but it has played a huge part in discovering my soul’s purpose for this lifetime. I’m so grateful for my abortion. Because of it, I have my current life. My wonderful, messy, imperfect, beautiful, creative, single-mama, complex, women healer, truth teller life. 

Our stories are ours. The way forward is truth. And gratitude- for who we were, who we are and who we are able to be because of the choices we have access to.

I believe in practicing radical non-judgment and that the most important offering one can make to another person is to allow them the dignity of their own choices and the support to create whatever life they want to lead.  Everyone has the right and the ability to heal themselves, be radiant and live a life they truly love. I would love to support you on your journey.