radiant woman abortion support

Taking care of yourself or someone else with a uterus is an act of resistance. My hope is that every person has the support that they need to physically and emotionally care for themselves or another before, during and after an abortion.

I offer several support options for people who are thinking about, planning for, or have already terminated a pregnancy. please reach out with any questions. i am always available to help you decide what kind of support you would benefit from most. 

support offerings:

  • personalized reiki, abortion support sessions and vaginal steaming at Plumb LIne in santa monica and wmn space in culver city / see below

  • virtual abortion support program | includes 2 half hour phone support sessions and an in-depth guide which covers holistic healing after an abortion, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, etc.

  • support call

  • distance reiki

  • house call | see below

  • additionally, i facilitate a monthly abortion support circle at wmn space. visit their site or email me to inquire about upcoming dates. abortion support circles are a beautiful way to heal in community.

in-person Abortion support from me can include:

  • reiki* energy healing: reiki is a gentle, yet incredibly effective way to help support the physical and emotional healing process

  • emotional support

  • normalizing the experience (going over typical physiological experiences or what to expect before a procedure, etc) and offering tools for supporting the physical healing process

  • accompanying you to a procedure or care provider appointment (this is not guaranteed, as unfortunately not all providers are open to this. I can help you navigate the situation if that’s the case)

  • phone and email support before and after the abortion (also during if you are doing a medical abortion- the pill- at home)

  • vaginal steaming when your body is ready (need to be cleared by doctor or midwife)

  • customized ritual bath when your body is ready (need to be cleared by doctor or midwife)

  • closing of the bones ceremony

  • provide professional referrals as needed

    *(please note that reiki can be offered without the practitioner touching the receiver so if you are sensitive to being touched, this is a great healing option for you. Additionally, reiki is appropriate for any person who has experienced an abortion at any time in her life; it is not limited to those who may have had a recent termination.}

*Radiant Woman is dedicated to providing support to all who identify as female- physically or otherwise. We offer support, regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender identity, sexual preference or any other identification method. Additionally, please do not let a lack of funds prevent you from seeking the support and/or help that you need. Please contact me and I will find a way to support you. All are welcome in this space.